MSDN Conference .. SharePoint for Developers

Well, going to the MSDN conference “SharePoint for Developers” tomorrow, at Microsoft’s Victoria offices in London.

I’ve even managed to arrange a meeting with the 2 presenting speakers 🙂 (one of whom is a member of the Microsoft UK Developer Team).

Going to see if I can get any insider information on SharePoint from them, hope so.

Looking forward to the conference in any case (it’s the first SharePoint development one I’ve seen this year) .. also hope the coffee isn’t too strong like it was last time 😉

  • Simimol

    Hi mkeeper,

    I got it what I want ..I tried and finally got it..Actually What I want is a webpart inside another webpart.But not like normal spview.renderashtml.Because ListViewWebPart doesn't hve that property it seems.But intially I am getting the titlebar part of the webpart..Only problem was data part was not showing…I dint get any possible way in net also.Any way Thanks for ur reply…

  • Martin Hatch

    I'm not entirely sure that I understand.
    You want to add a List View Webpart inside a Custom Web Part?

    I don't think you can do that. As far as I am aware you can use Web Parts in two ways:

    1) Add them to Web Part Zones
    2) Embed them into a page (in which case they act like standard ASP.Net server-side Controls)

    If you want to use List View Web Part information in your custom web part then how about using the SPView.RenderAsHtml() method to output the data into your Web Part output?

  • Simimol

    Hi Martin,

    I am from india…I want to ask you a doubt about list view webpart.I want add listview webpart in my custom webpart.But not in page.So it is coming .But only thing is toolbar is visible .but data part is not visible..It is asking for zone.But I tried to put zone in my webpart.But it is throwing error..Do you have any idea?