SUGUK – London Meeting

If you don’t know about them already there is a group that call themselves the “SharePoint User Group UK” (SUGUK). They meet every now and again, and quite often you’ll get people from Microsoft (or MVP’s) giving presentations on topics relating to SharePoint (usually either development or infrastructure).

Well, there was one such meeting last night, covering topics such as Kerberos in SharePoint (why, when and more importantly .. how?) and another topic (very close to my heart) about how to maintain multiple SharePoint environments throughout a project lifecycle (e.g. Dev | Test | Stage | Prod).

They are free to attend, and usually there is a good chin-wag down the pub afterwards so plenty of opportunities for networking or just getting those crucial last few bits of info on a topic.

The SUGUK Website contains more information, including an “upcoming meetings” forum where you can keep track of when and where the next events are going to be. There’s also a development forum of pretty well informed people, which might be a bit easier than the heavily oversubscribed MSDN Forums.

Definately worth a look!