Resource files in SharePoint done properly ..

The message I really want to get across … Don’t use Properties/Resources.resx


SharePoint resource files should be stored in one of 2 places (there are other places, but they are not commonly used):


·         12

o   Config

§  Resources ß Location 1 – use this for all Pages, Controls and Web Parts

o   Resources ß Location 2 – use this for all Features, Site Definitions, List Definition, Content Types (i.e. all CAML)


If you need to access those resources from code, then use the following:


C# (programmatically)

String strValue = System.Web.HttpContext.GetGlobalResourceObject(“NameOfResourceFile”, “NameOfProperty”).ToString();


ASPX  Markup

<%$Resources: NameOfResourceFile, NameOfProperty%>



$Resources: NameOfResourceFile, NameOfProperty;