SharePoint 2010 – Hints, Tips and New Features – Watch this Space!

Well, the SharePoint Conference is just around the corner, and information about SharePoint 2010 will start seeping out of the woodwork soon enough!
Now, there is nothing that I can tell you now (there are heavy restrictions on the Non Disclosure Agreement we have with Microsoft) but I will be keeping my finger very much on the pulse and aim to start bringing out blog posts about the new functionality in SharePoint 2010 as soon as the NDA is lifted!
(no .. I will NOT release ANY information until officially sanctioned by Microsoft .. so please don’t ask!)
I expect new materials will become "public knowledge" after the SharePoint Conference so hopefully I’ll be able to start sending out tit-bits soon after that.
You can expect blog posts about:
  • Development – Code examples and Walkthroughs
  • New Features – new functionality and areas of the SharePoint 2010 product
  • Hints and Tips – tricks and "didn’t know that .." information about the new build, and my experience with it once it becomes available.
So … watch this space! Boy am I looking forward to the next 12 months!!