RNIB – World’s first AAA website launched in SharePoint

It’s official, I am extremely proud to announce the launch of the world’s first ever AAA accessible SharePoint website…
RNIB – supporting blind and partially sighted people
I am the SharePoint Solution Architect on this project, and I am pleased to present the key features as:
The difference is that ALL functionality on this website is presented accessibly (including backend editing and administration!)
Feature Set:
  • Full WCAG 2.0 AAA XHTML rendering
  • Accessible feature-set
    • WYSIWYG Page editing and publishing
    • Full list item editing
    • Accessible Web Part editing {Add | Remove | Update properties}
    • Full list views and list editing (including document libraries, Check-in Check-out and content approval)
    • Site Administration (Permissions | Navigation | Basic site settings | features | Recycle Bin | View Site Content}
All of this is built on our unique and totally re-usable SharePoint Accessibility Solution (SAS).
If you would like to know more, or have any feedback then please get in touch!
  • Martin Hatch

    Cheers for the feedback! 🙂

    We have used the W3C validator a lot, the content editors are RNIB though (we built the solution but we don't manage the content).

    The XSLT in the aggregation should automatically inject a blank ALT tag (alt="") but looks like this one got missed .. got Support on it right now.

    I'll make sure I post up a bunch of Accessibility posts over the next few weeks. I'll be at the SharePoint Conference 2009 (so that will keep me busy) but will be putting presentation collateral together for UK events so I'll make sure I cross post anything.

  • Dave Hunter

    Impressive. Will be interested to read about the design decisions.

    BTW missing alt tag on the homepage. Probably due to content editor forgetting to add the alt text on the image. Try running through W3C Markup Validator. Otherwise a nice clean markup, congratulations.

  • Martin Hatch

    Hi John!

    How are things at Brightstarr? Pass on my regards to Hwyel!

    I am planning to write up quite a lot about the solution we implemented; challenges, pitfalls, design decisions. I am also hoping to get some opportunities to present some sessions at events in and around the London area (I'll post full details here on my blog when it gets organised).

    If you have any specific questions then fire away … I can say that this has been an evolution of 18 months experience of the RNIB and Content and Code working together, producing first a WCAG 1.0 Intranet, and now a WCAG 2.0 Website.

    So … watch this space! 🙂

  • John Vivian


    AAA compliance in SharePoint both in front and back end is realy impressive.
    It would be intresting to know about any of the pitfalls and issues you had in developing your SAS solution.