PerformancePoint Services 2010 new features

Some very nice new features for PerformancePoint Services 2010 for creating SharePoint 2010 dashboards.


The KPI web parts and filters now execute Asynchronously, so you can expect your web parts to refresh and update without page refreshes (hurrah!)


There was also some very nice cool stuff around Time Intelligent Filtering. If you are using SQL Analysis Services then you can use small formula functions like "month" or "year" and it will automatically calculate the query that needs to be called.


So for an example, you can create queries to pull through data for:

  • Sales this month ("month")
  • Sales last month ("month-1")
  • Sales this month last year ("(year-1).month")
  • Sales last month, last year ("(year-1).month-1")


All without any code and without going into SQL, very impressive.


There is also improved SharePoint connection settings so that you can associate SharePoint list data with your OLAP based KPIs. This allows you to use SharePoint lists to configure your scorecard information. But better than that, you can also configure your web parts to allow in-place editing of that scorecard information, so now the editing of the scorecard data can take place for within the dashboard itself!


Probably the best feature (and certainly got the most applause from the audience at SharePoint Conference 2009) is single-click deployment to SharePoint from the Dashboard Designer application.


You can now setup SharePoint connections to configure your dashboards, and from a single click of the button it will compile and deploy all of your dashboards into your SharePoint environment!