The trip to Vegas

Well, it’s been a REALLY long day… Around 26 hours straight without sleep. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I love being cramped into a metal tube with no leg-room and only 1 movie I want to watch for 14 hours of flying … but what really hit hard was when they run out of beer!


So .. What have we been up to so far? Well, unfortunately not a lot. I met up with the group at Heathrow around 10am Saturday morning. Everyone in good spirits (apart from one of my colleagues insistence that a cavity search was imminent going through customs!)


All went well, and we were in the air on-time. The flight passed surprisingly quickly. My colleagues decided to use the power of Heineken to help the flight pass quicker … unfortunately … the plane ran out!!! (Jason did try London Pride but that did not last long). After that there was nothing for it .. Time to start on the Vodka (you can tell when you’re having an impact when you ask for a drink and the stewardess says "not you lot again!").


11 hours later we landed in Dallas. A bit to eat. Another 3 hours (me stuck next to two guys trying to tell me about their ATM conference and the virtues of American "Football" (shudder)) and we landed in Vegas… dark, hot, and full of bright lights!


So the first day is over and the conference starts tomorrow!! (can’t wait!)


Some interesting Vegas facts:


  • If you spent 1 night in every hotel room in Vegas you would end up staying for 288 years
  • The Luxor atrium (the hotel we are staying in) is the largest in the world
  • Over 60,000 people take up residence in Vegas every year, making it the fastest growing city in the USA.



Another post tomorrow… right now it’s 9am and I’m heading for breakfast! (all you can eat! HELL yeh!)