Why I love the performance in SharePoint 2010


There really is no doubt about it, SharePoint 2010 is QUICK… We are talking several factors faster than SharePoint 2007. Now this is mainly from looking in the product demos and session examples, but if they are a true reflection of a typical SharePoint implementation then we’re really in for a treat.


I watched a demonstration in the opening "Overview of SharePoint 2010 for IT Professionals" an example of a  document library with 1,000,000+ documents which was filtering, sorting and refreshing in under 3 seconds.


Having filtered the view down to just 4 records it was then demonstrated that images could be opened from that library in under 1 second! And this is native, out of the box … and with over 1 million documents in a single library … running on pre-beta code!


This is nothing short of astonishing, and with some of the other features such as automatic column indexing, filtering setup and hierarchical navigation we are looking at an amazing set of features to make even the largest of SharePoint 2010 deployments absolutely fly!


Every time I look at SharePoint 2010 I get more excited about the feature sets, and it seems that Microsoft have followed the same vein with SharePoint 2010 that they did with Windows 7, in that performance and usability are two of the biggest "killer apps".