Debugging VSIX Projects in Visual Studio 2010

This all came about because I’ve been working on the SharePoint 2010 Visual Studio 2010 Extensions Codeplex project with Wes Hackett, Matt Smith and Glyn Clough.

The new Visual Studio 2010 SDK (Beta 2) allows you to create VSIX projects (or Visual Studio Extensibility Projects) which are what enable deploying customisations to Visual Studio itself.

The problem comes trying to debug them (i.e. pressing F5). If you don’t set the project up properly then Visual Studio 2010 complains that it can’t start debugging because the DLL is missing.

The trick is setting the “Debug” options in the VSIX project properties.Full details (including screenshots) can be found on Wes Hackett’s blog post.

Saved me some hours there! Cheers Wes!