Epic Fail – Saving to a document library overwrites AllItems.aspx

This was a major “doh” moment .. learnt the hard way.

I don’t know if this is because I’m using Word 2010 beta, but I was working on a document that I wanted to save into a SharePoint library.

So I copy pasted the URL into the “Save As” dialog (including the “…/Forms/AllItems.aspx” bit on the end).

I expected it to show me a view of my library.

I got a Word Document saved as “AllItems.aspx”.

Epic Fail! 🙂

  • Martin Hatch

    Easiest way is to open up the library in SharePoint Designer and "reset to site definition"

    This will put back the original ASPX files from the SharePoint file system

    Failing that, create a new view and set it as the default 😉

  • Anonymous

    How did you solve this? I've just done the same thing. Major Doh!