Speaking at the SharePoint Evolution Conference, London

For those who don’t know, the SharePoint Evolution Conference 2010 in London is fast approaching. It’s 3 days of SharePoint antics with over 70 sessions dedicated to SharePoint professionals and the imminent launch of SharePoint 2010.

I will also be speaking in the Community Track (COM109) on Tuesday 20th April, 2pm-3pm, presenting alongside Kelly Harrison from the RNIB about some of the challenges and lessons learned from building a fully accessible SharePoint system.

It looks to be a really great event, with over 55 expert speakers, from both Microsoft and other well-known companies. Find out more reasons why you should attend and hopefully I’ll see you there!

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  • Martin Hatch

    Hi Joe,

    I can't really comment on "Microsoft approved" but you can use Visual Studio 2008 Team Suite – Test Edition to create user scripts. This allows you to use a test server (such as TFS) to generate web requests on your environment.

    The best thing you could really do is setup usage scenarios using load testing products like Gomez and Loadrunner. They are capable of hitting your site from all around the world, with multiple user usage scenarios, simulating different network speeds and different browsers.

    At the same time that this is running make sure you are tracking all of the expected performance counters on your servers (WFE / Index / SQL), including RAM, CPU, Disk, Network .. and don't forget SQL and .Net specific counters.

    This should allow you to track how your system performance when presented with expected load (i.e. from TFS / Gomez / Loadrunner) and if you do have any performance problems, the counters will tell you where the bottleneck is.

    Good luck and happy hunting! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Hi Martin,

    I've read through several of your posts and I'm very impressed. Therefore, I hope you don't mind if I ask you a quick question regarding Load Testing for SharePoint 2007.

    Do you have any recommended and Microsoft approved Load Testing tools for MOSS 2007?

    Any feedback that you may have is very much appreciated.

    I wasn't sure what the best way to provide my email address so if you would like it I could provide it on my next post.