HTC Twitter “Peep” and OAuth

[UPDATE – 27/09/2010]
HTC Peep on my HTC HD2 is now working!
I found that I needed to login using my email address instead of my username, but it is now working again!

If you are using a Windows Mobile device from HTC (like me .. I have an HTC) then you’ve probably run into the same Twitter issue that I have.

Twitter recently shutdown their Basic Authentication method for Twitter and this hosed a whole range of Twitter applications which were not appropriately using the “OAuth” method that Twitter preferred.

One of those applications is the HTC “Peep” application. Now, I’m a quite avid consumer of Twitter, and although Twitter did recently release an announcement that it was working  it seems that HTC Windows Mobile clients (such as the HD2) are still not working.

Well, I submitted a question to HTC Support and they very kindly sent me a response back (in under 1 hour, very impressive). Their email response was as follows:

“We are currently investigating an issue with our Peep/Twitter/Friend Stream client that has stopped working and hope to have a solution soon. Please monitor the support pages for updates, or if you prefer we can record your details and contact you again once a solution is available”

So hopefully it will all be working again soon. Fingers crossed … It’s not exactly a mission-critical application for me, but I do hate it when things just “stop working” that I was a user of.

  • Anonymous

    Peep is still dead on my HD2. I sent HTC an update request and was given a phone number to call to talk to an HTC service tech. When I called the number, I was told that HTC doesn't support 3rd party apps like "HTC Peep" and he hung up on me.