New look and feel for

Well, its that time of year I suppose. I finally got around to giving my blog a bit of a freshen up.
It’s nothing too fancy .. a simple and clean white/grey style which is hopefully a little easier on the eye than my old red one (which I suppose was really a throw-back from my days working at Content and Code .. when everything we produced was a shade of red – their corporate colours).

What  else have I changed?

The main thing is the width has been increased from the downright lousy 740px width (an old template I originally used) and up to a much more healthy 990px (which should be suitable for pretty much all modern browsers running 1024×768 or higher).
[Edit]It was set to 1000px, but this was causing horizontal scrollbars, so I made it 10px thinner[/blog]

I’ve also moved some of the navigation elements around, hopefully it makes it easier for you to find things, and there is a navigation bar at the top (which currently just consists of a “Blog” and “About Me” links but it was taking up too much real-estate on the right-hand side).

I also have a brand spanking new logo header. This was a bit of a cheeky freeby from fellow tweeter Dave Coleman. His son (also on twitter as CommandoUK) is starting up as a graphics designer and was offering some free blog / website headers to get his portfolio up and running.

Well, I was interested and he knocked up the logo header you see on there today 🙂 I like it quite a lot .. it oncorporates the main logo from my company site ( as well as some funky colours which happen to mimic my Alienware M15X laptop colours (yeh … I know .. it’s a gimicky laptop which allows you to change the colour scheme of the keyboard and stuff ..)

Anyway, let me know if you like it (or not I suppose!). Thanks for visiting and hope you enjoy my next few posts.

Got more CKS: Sandbox stuff coming up, some Office 365 stuff and probably some SharePoint BI posts on the way too!