Possibly the best order confirmation email in the world ..

I recently managed to smash in the screen on my old Nokia Lumia 800 (blog post pending on that little accident!) so had to resort to my trusty old HTC HD2 (the phone that runs anything!).

Unfortunately it was still network locked to my old T-Mobile account. I needed this phone for work and cannot survive for long without txt / phone / 3G capabilities so I went online and got myself an unlock code from www.globalunlock.com. The second best part was I got a working unlock code in under 24 hours by email which worked first time.

The best bit was their order confirmation email (below) .. which was truly awesome! Global Unlock .. you’re doing it right!

Email Received Below

To Our Finest Customer
Thanks for the details on your unlocking order.! As you are reading this, a high-priority siren
alerted all Global Unlock personnel to attend to your order immediately. Our dedicated team of
programmers immediately put on their lab coats and rushed to our state-of-the-art code-unlocking
laboratory. We use only the finest unlocking software – software with algorithms developed by
Nobel Prize-winning mathematicians.

Fuelled by giant cups of black coffee, our programmers are working hard so you can sit back and relax knowing your code will arrive within the promised turnaround time. In case you would like to

check your order status, our web design team has made a webpage just for your order because
that is how special you are to us. Check Order Status (note link removed in this blog post!)

As soon as your code is ready, our quality control team will check every single character not twice,

but three times to make sure that the code works flawlessly. Our customer service specialist will
say some words of goodwill before sending a personalized thank you email to you with your code
in it. The entire Global Unlock team will then hold a big celebration in your honor as our “Best Global Unlock Customer Ever.” A solid gold plaque with your name on it is being ordered as we speak to commemorate this occasion.

We hope you enjoyed ordering from Global Unlock. Your code is on its way. For additional support,

our trusty Customer Support representatives are ready to help 7 days a week, sometimes when they
cannot sleep they come online to check customer emails just to give our favourite customer the best
service they deserve.

The whole team is a little exhausted from this occasion, if you appreciate the service, tell a friend,

Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/globalunlock), Twitter (https://twitter.com/globalunlock) or just scream outside your window as long as you can “I love Global Unlock” Now back to waiting by the phone for any friends or family members you send out way to service them as our second favourite customer as you of course 🙂


The Global Unlock Support Team.