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The trip to Vegas

Well, it’s been a REALLY long day… Around 26 hours straight without sleep. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I love being cramped into a metal tube with no leg-room and only 1 movie I want to watch for 14 hours of flying … but what really hit hard was when they run out of beer!


So .. What have we been up to so far? Well, unfortunately not a lot. I met up with the group at Heathrow around 10am Saturday morning. Everyone in good spirits (apart from one of my colleagues insistence that a cavity search was imminent going through customs!)


All went well, and we were in the air on-time. The flight passed surprisingly quickly. My colleagues decided to use the power of Heineken to help the flight pass quicker … unfortunately … the plane ran out!!! (Jason did try London Pride but that did not last long). After that there was nothing for it .. Time to start on the Vodka (you can tell when you’re having an impact when you ask for a drink and the stewardess says "not you lot again!").


11 hours later we landed in Dallas. A bit to eat. Another 3 hours (me stuck next to two guys trying to tell me about their ATM conference and the virtues of American "Football" (shudder)) and we landed in Vegas… dark, hot, and full of bright lights!


So the first day is over and the conference starts tomorrow!! (can’t wait!)


Some interesting Vegas facts:


  • If you spent 1 night in every hotel room in Vegas you would end up staying for 288 years
  • The Luxor atrium (the hotel we are staying in) is the largest in the world
  • Over 60,000 people take up residence in Vegas every year, making it the fastest growing city in the USA.



Another post tomorrow… right now it’s 9am and I’m heading for breakfast! (all you can eat! HELL yeh!)

SharePoint Tabs Made Easy

While browsing EndUserSharePoint found a good post about using a JQuery script embedded into a CEWP.

From my brief look this basically turned every web part on the page into tabs so that you can create VERY quick and easy tabbed dashboard interfaces. Extremely quick, extremely easy … the best bit is no code, no development.

You can check out the article (and the video) here: https://www.endusersharepoint.com/2009/10/05/yes-believe-it-the-sharepoint-easy-tabs-interface-web-part/

The History of SharePoint

A really nice article posted up by the Microsoft SharePoint Team Blog:

As we are just two weeks away from disclosing SharePoint 2010 at the SharePoint Conference starting October 19th, I wanted to write three posts to provide context on the upcoming release. This first post will cover the history of SharePoint. I hope it will provide some useful perspective behind our vision and what we have learned as well as a few fun anecdotes. The second post will cover the engineering process for SharePoint 2010 – how we design and develop SharePoint in the Office team, what new approaches we have taken during the 2010 development cycle and my take on a few frequent questions I hear from customers and partners. The third post will coincide with the opening of SharePoint Conference and cover the major feature investments. After that, our team will star blogging in depth about the new SharePoint capabilities. For folks who cannot wait, we have highlighted a few of the new features on the SharePoint 2010 Preview Site as commented on several Office 2010 client capabilities including a few points of SharePoint integration on the Office Engineering Blog.

Before we jump in to this post, I want to thank everyone who has been with us on the journey so far and is supporting us in the release of SharePoint 2010 and feedback for releases beyond. While I will talk about the efforts that evolved into SharePoint, its origin dates to around March 1998 when we first started planning the projects that led to SharePoint. Since the first beta of the first release, we have been extremely fortunate to have your support and hear your feedback. It has been extremely rewarding to see all things you are doing with SharePoint. We have posters of many of your sites on the walls of Building 16 on the Microsoft Redmond Campus and these are a source of great motivation and pride for our team to take things to the next level. We always appreciated your ideas and feedback friendly or otherwise about where the product should go or how we could help you better. We think SharePoint 2010 will be another big step forward but we know there is more to be done and are thankful you care enough to keep pushing us. Finally, we want to thank the Microsoft teams around the world who has worked so hard to build and support the product with special thanks to a few dozen people who were with us from the very beginning in 1998. We are very fortunate to have a great team, customers and partners and that is what keeps us fired up to come to work every day.

to read more go to:

Why my wife rocks :)

Well, the credit crunch is still grinding on, and I am also in the (un)fortunate position of trying to buy a house this month, so pennies are expectedly very tight! So to try and lighten the load my wife (Laura) suggested that she cook me dinner instead!

Well, we cook fresh dinners every night, so I didn’t think it would be that special, but I agreed (it’s always a good idea to humour the missus!).. was I in for a surprise!

First Course; pan seared scallops, wrapped in parma ham on a bed of shallots with a red wine jus, served with pink champagne.
Main Course: Roast duck breast with a spiced plum sauce, served with baked shallot-mashed potato and mange-tout with a
Dessert: Home made tiramisu, made with brandy and double cream!

Quite possibly one of the most delicious valentines meals I’ve had in a long long time!

So .. a huge thank you to my wife Red heart! You rock my world Open-mouthed

Minus 20 degrees, black runs and (suspected) broken ankles … guess who’s been Skiiing??

Well, finally back in the world of the living (or at least, mortally aware of the reality of work).

Just got back from a brilliant 6 days of Skiing in the Vallenord area of Andorra, which had some absolutely fantastic snow, and a couple of awesome runs 🙂

I haven’t skied for over 10 years (having last been when I was 17 or so) so the chance to strap some metal planks to my feet and throw myself off mountains at 7,000 feet .. I could hardly contain my excitement.

Getting into it all again was a bit tough, remembering my parallels (and trying to keep my feet together … which I still need more work on!) but by the end of the week we were slaloming in and out of trees on some off-piste alpine fun, and tackling red runs (and a rather terrifying black run) so all in all, a good trip.

The only slight "mishap" was when my wife got startled on a steep blue and managed to hit the only solid object in over 5 miles of snow … a brand new wooden fence (which she rather spectacularly smashed into .. badly bruising her knee .. and (possibly) breaking her ankle).. queue hobbling down the mountain and muggins here had to carry her skiis back (it is surprising how difficult it is to ski while holding a second pair of skis!)

Oh well .. back in the UK now … 7000 feet lower and 30 degrees warmer … back to work I guess.

Joining Content & Code as a Solutions Architect! (on Monday)

Ok .. so here is another reason why my posts have been few & far between recently .. yep … I’m moving on to pastures new, and Friday is my last day at Ratio One!

Thankfully I have not succumb to the dreaded "credit crunch" but have decided to take a fantastic opportunity to join the Solutions Team at Content & Code as one of their Solution Architects, helping to design and scope solutions, aiding the consultants and developers in their technical delivery, drive best practice in the business and also try to get more involved in the SharePoint Community.

What does this mean? Well, I will still be making the same blog posts, and be just as active on the MSDN forums (if not more so!). It also means you’ll be seeing a bit more of me at the User Groups and community events around London (and possibly elsewhere in Europe?).

I would also like to take this opportunity to both thank Content & Code for this great opportunity, and also to thank Ratio One for their support over the past 2 (and a bit) years. I’ve certainly come on a long way since my first forays into SharePoint, and (generally) loved every minute of it!

Sad news …

Sorry that my activity in the past week has been a bit poor … but my mother-in-law died last week. I’ve basically been buried in the subsequent activities (funeral directors, coroner, registrar, church, etc) which was made much harder because my father-in-law is deaf and cannot use the telephone.

Funeral on Thursday .. hopefully be back to my old self by the weekend.

New (Old) Car !!

Yay … I just bought me a new (old) car ..
Been needing a second car for a while (the Mrs always nicks my main car to drive to work everyday) and been needing a run-about to take rubbish to the tip and to get me to the train station and back 🙂

So .. got myself a nice little Ford Fiesta .. 1.3 engine, ABS, Power Steering, new CD player … and only 70,000 miles on the clock (despite being over 10 years old). Not bad for only £700 (at least I think so). Very pleased with it 🙂

Medals in the MSDN Forums .. what do they mean?

If you are a regular user of the MSDN Forums then you may (or may not?) that each user is granted a number of "medals" (they used to be stars, for the old timers).
Well, I’ve taken a sneak peak through the members list, and deduced that medals = points.
Exactly how many points you have depend on a lot of things, including posts, answers, "helpful" tags and how "popular" your threads are.
I have got the following list though:
  • 0 Medals – 0 points (1 or 2 posts)
  • 1 Medal – 10 points (usually 1-5 posts)
  • 2 Medals – 750 points (roughly 30 "answers")
  • 3 Medals – 2,000 points (roughly 150 "answers")
  • 4 Medals – 7,500 points (roughly 300 – 500 answers)
  • 5 Medals – 50,000 points (roughly 1000 answers)

To find your own account (and how many "points" you have) you can use the search page.

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